Being in a car accident can be a terrifying and life-altering experience. If you are injured in a car accident, it can result in undue financial hardship, affect your ability to perform your job and maintain your previous income, and impact nearly all aspects of your life. In the moments following an accident, you may be in shock, and it can be hard to remember what to do. The more you familiarize yourself with the steps to take after a vehicle accident, the more likely you are to be able to recall and rely on that information during a traumatic moment. 

Scan Your Body for Injuries 

The first thing to do immediately after an accident is to take a deep breath to center yourself, then bring your awareness to your body. Mentally scan your body, taking note of any pain or discomfort, before making a determination as to whether it is safe to move. Then, call the police. You do not have to call the police for all collisions, for instance, if no one is injured and no significant property damage is done to the vehicles, you can simply take pictures, exchange information, and file a police report later. However, if anyone is injured (or suspects they may be injured), if the accident is obstructing traffic, or if any debris from the accident is now in the road, you should call the police immediately. 

Collect all Documentation 

While you wait for the police, you can take photographs and video of the cars impacted by the accident. Make sure to photograph the license plates of all vehicles involved, as well as any damage. Photograph the other driver’s license, registration, and insurance information. Photographing is recommended, because people are usually shaken up after an accident and are likely to make errors in transcription. If any people are around who witnessed the accident, collect their contact information to give to the police and insurance companies. 

Seek Medical Attention Immediately 

When the police arrive, make sure to report any injuries or physical pain or discomfort that you are experiencing, even if you are not sure it is serious. Soft tissue injuries, like contusions, can often take days or more to become visible, which can make it difficult to get coverage since they were not documented by the initial report or medical visit. Circling back, this is why a centered and clear body assessment is so important. You may not have a visible contusion on your leg, but you can report that you are experiencing discomfort in your leg so that it is in the report. You can also mention it to the doctor so that it is recorded and they are able to keep an eye on it. 

Even if you believe you have experienced no injuries as a result of the car accident, it is still important to seek medical attention. Some people believe that if their injuries do not require immediate medical attention, they can wait to see a doctor for a day or two. However, that can have a highly detrimental impact on their claim. The longer someone waits to see a doctor, the more possible causes for their injuries can be cited by the insurance company. In other words, the longer someone waits to pursue medical treatment, the more tenuous the connection between the car accident and their injuries becomes. 

Talk to a San Antonio Personal Injury Attorney 

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