A single-car crash earlier this week tragically resulted in the death of a local woman and serious injuries to two other passengers, one of whom was a child. According to police, two middle-aged adults and a child were traveling west on SW Loop 410, when the driver lost control of the SUV. Police said the SUV flipped over, impacting with a traffic sign. The damage to the vehicle was serious, and the passengers were trapped inside. Firefighters responded to the scene and worked to get the passengers free from the vehicle. A woman, 38, was pronounced dead at the scene. The child and the other adult passenger were transported to an area hospital for treatment. Police did not comment on what they believe caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle. Police also did not comment on whether the passengers were using seat belts or were properly restrained. The investigation into this accident remains on-going. 

Deadly Roll-Over Crashes 

Roll-over crashes are fairly rare compared to other types of car accidents, but they are far more deadly than most. In fact, studies show that roll-over crashes are more likely to result in fatalities than any other type of accident. Despite representing a small proportion of accidents overall, roll-over crashes account for 20% of all traffic-related fatalities. The prevalence of roll-over crashes, particularly among SUVs and trucks, continues to increase. 

Reducing Your Risk of Roll-Over Crash 

While roll-over crashes are deadly, there are a number of things you can do to avoid them or minimize your risk. 

  • Wear a seatbelt. Data reflects that nearly 75% of all individuals killed in roll-over crashes were not wearing a seat belt. 50% of individuals killed in roll-over crashes were completely ejected from the vehicle. 
  • Do not get an SUV. Choosing a sedan, or car lower to the ground, also decreases your risk of a roll-over crash, as cars with a higher center of gravity tip over much more easily, particularly when speeding and taking turns. In fact, the number of fatal roll-over crashes in SUVs has more than doubled in recent years, far outpacing any other category of vehicle for this risk. 
  • Do not speed. Speed was a factor in nearly every instance of vehicle rollover. According to the data, most roll-over crashes happen with a single vehicle traveling 55 miles per hour or more. 
  • Leave plenty of space between you and the next vehicle. About 50% of all roll-over accidents occur after the driver tried to quickly turn to avoid a collision. Leaving enough space between you and the next vehicle ensures that you will not have to make any quick turns that could cause your car to topple at a high speed. 
  • Do not overload your vehicle. It can be tempting to make a big haul in one trip, but overloading your SUV puts it at an increased risk of rolling over, as it offsets the center of gravity for the vehicle. If you need to transport something heavy, try to make sure that the weight is easily distributed. If this is not possible, it would be better to move the item with a trailer or by other means. 

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