San Antonio Municipal Court Traffic Tickets

San Antonio Municipal Court Traffic Ticket Lawyer

If you’ve been issued a ticket in San Antonio, you will be required to respond to the charges. Did you know that you can hire a lawyer to handle everything for you? If you don’t want to hassle with the ticket and you want to keep it off your driving record, keep reading.

How Does It Work?

  1. When you are issued a ticket by SAPD, you are commanded to appear in court and respond to the charges.
  2. The court allows you to be represented by a lawyer, if you choose.
  3. When you hire us to represent you, we can appear in court for you so you don’t have to go. In fact, we can handle the entire process over the phone or through our website so you can fight your ticket without ever leaving home.
  4. In just about every case, we are able to keep the ticket off your driving record.
  5. We do this by meeting with the Municipal Court prosecutors or Judges to work out dismissals or plea deals that involve keeping the ticket off your driving record.
  6. Once we are done in court, we will email you the paperwork showing that your ticket has been resolved and kept off your record.
  7. Your part is done, there is no need to go to court to pay your traffic ticket.

How Much Does it Cost to Fight a Ticket in San Antonio Municipal Court?

Our pricing is simple and affordable. We charge a flat-rate of $65.00 plus the original ticket fine to represent you in court. For example; if your ticket fine is $183.00, all you will pay is $248.00 for complete representation. We pay your ticket fine out of that amount and you do not have to pay a single cent more to our office or to the court.

If you’re ready to get started, it only takes 60 seconds. Just have your citation number and driver’s license number ready and fill out the form here. Be sure to check out our Google reviews and see why we have over 100 five-star ratings from happy traffic ticket clients.


Please enter the TOTAL amount you were quoted to include your fine plus representation fees.
I authorize the Law Office of Eric Ramos to represent me on my citation, negotiate and accept offers on my behalf, and reset my court date, if necessary. I acknowledge that the Law Office of Eric Ramos does not represent me until I pay the agreed-upon amount in full.
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San Antonio Municipal Court Information

Judge: Hon. John Bull, Presiding Judge

Police Chief: William McManus


401 S. Frio St.
San Antonio, TX 78207

Phone: (210) 207-8970



Our fees for representation in San Antonio Municipal Court:

Traffic Tickets: $65.00 plus the fine amount

Warrants: $75.00 plus the fine amount

Non-Moving Violations: Varies, call for pricing

Occupational licenses: $495.00 plus court costs & license fees


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