Tire Blowouts

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We’ve all been on the highways and seen remnants of tires on the sides of the road. In nearly all cases, this is because the driver had to deal with a blowout. The typical causes of tire blowouts include:

  • A defect in the tire
  • Poorly maintained tires
  • Tires on big rigs that were not inspected as per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR)

A tire blowout on a car is bad enough but, when you’re trying to stop a tractor trailer with one of the tires missing, the consequences could be devastating.

Saving Money Jeopardizes Drivers

Let’s face it, whether a trucker is running their own rig or they’re working for a company, the bottom line is that trucking is a money-making proposition. Therefore, keeping the costs low is crucial to long-term success. One of the ways truckers and trucking companies can save money is to use retreaded tires. While this may be a cost-saving option, it puts the lives of other drivers on the roadways in serious jeopardy.

The fact is that retreaded tires are often not safe, particularly when you consider the number of miles a trucker is liable to drive an 18-wheeler daily. When a truck is equipped with retread tires, the potential for a blowout is dramatically increased.


Maintenance Must be Done Regularly

Truckers have an obligation to inspect their rigs before hitting the road. In addition to protecting themselves, they have an obligation to ensure their tractor-trailer is properly loaded, the tires are properly inflated and all other safety equipment is in working order. Whether it’s the driver or the company who owns the truck, too often, in the interest of making deliveries in a timely manner, proper maintenance is ignored.

Road Conditions and Manufacturing Defects Can Create Hazards

Even when a big rig driver or the company that owns an 18-wheeler has done everything right, road conditions could be working against them. Uneven roadways, debris in the road, and potholes can wreak havoc on the best-maintained vehicle causing tire blowouts.

Let’s not overlook the problems that sometimes are created in manufacturing. Over the last few years, we’ve heard several news stories about tires that have been defective leading to a blowout on roadways.

When you’re injured because of a tire blowout on a big rig, it’s important to understand the driver’s insurer or the company’s insurer is going to do everything possible to shift the blame for your injuries. They may shift it to their maintenance company or worse yet, they may try to blame you for your injuries. Don’t let them get away with this type of behavior. Make sure you are working with a skilled truck accident attorney who will fully investigate the accident and hold the responsible parties accountable for your injuries.

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