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Expunging your Texas criminal record is the first step toward a brighter future.

A criminal record can prevent you from taking advantage of job opportunities, prevent you from finding housing, and may even prevent you from traveling abroad. What many people are unaware of is even an arrest without a conviction/finding of guilt means a life-long record unless you take action to have your record sealed or expunged. San Antonio expungement lawyer Eric Ramos can help.

What Criminal Records May Be Expunged?

Anyone with a record who is considering expungement should understand what conditions would allow them to have their record expunged. Texas law is very specific and states a record may be expunged if:

  • Someone was arrested but not convicted of any crime not required to complete community service
  • Anyone who was arrested, convicted and had the conviction overturned on appeal
  • Someone who was arrested, convicted, and later pardoned by the Governor
  • Someone who was arrested, charged with a Class C misdemeanor and completed their deferred adjudication period

 What is Our Money-Back Guarantee?

Eric Ramos is a San Antonio expungement lawyer that personally handles your case and from doing legal research, to filing the petition (civil lawsuit), and handling the judicial hearing. We take such great care of your case that we are able to make this offer: If your application for expunction or nondisclosure gets denied for any reason, we will refund your payment, minus filing fees which are paid to the court. 

How Much does an Expungement Cost?

Law firms charge a wide-range of prices typically ranging from $1,500 to $3,500. Some law firms will cover filing fees and others will expect you to pay them. For most cases, we charge $1,500 plus filing fees.

San Antonio Municipal Court Expungements: $995.00 (includes filing fees)

Justice of the Peace Court Expungements: $895.00 (includes filing fees)

Bexar County Court Expungements: $1,500.00 (plus filing fees)

Bexar County Court Orders of Nondisclosure: $1,450.00 (plus filing fees)

Expungements: Other Municipalities within Bexar County: $995-$1,195 (plus filing fees)

Travis County Court Expungements: $1,500.00

Travis County Court Orders of Nondisclosure: $1,450.00


Can I Have My Record Expunged or Sealed?

Before filing for an expungement or nondisclosure, it’s critical to find out if you’re eligible. If you file for an order without being eligible, you could lose all of your filing fees. Fill out the form below and we’ll perform a FREE eligibility check at our new website Expungement lawyer Eric Ramos will review it and tell if you if you’re a candidate for expungement or nondisclosure.

Take the Free Expungement Eligibility test at our new website here:

San Antonio Attorney for Expungements & Orders of Nondisclosure

“Do you have a criminal record?” — You’ll find this question on job applications, loan applications, and even applications for housing. Having the ability to check off “no” for this question can open new doors. This may be possible if you can get your record expunged, or sealed in Texas. Eric Ramos is a San Antonio expungement lawyer that is passionate about helping clients protect their legal rights. We are proud to help our clients obtain clean and clear records so that they may have a brighter future.

Are you Eligible for Expungement or Nondisclosure?

Not everyone is eligible for expungement and in some cases, the crime you were charged with may not be eligible for nondisclosure. Here is a guideline of which records may be expunged or are eligible for nondisclosure:

  • Expungement – anyone who has been arrested but not charged with a crime, or completed a diversion program pre-trial may be eligible for expungement. This includes those who have had their cases dismissed, were not charged by a grand jury, or were later found not guilty of the crime. Anyone who was charged, convicted, and later pardoned may also be eligible for expungement.
  • Nondisclosure – while there are crimes that are not eligible for nondisclosure, in most cases, once you have completed probation, many crimes are eligible for sealing.  Unless you have been assigned to probation, or convicted of another crime while on probation, your record may be sealed. Make sure you speak with an attorney familiar with nondisclosure orders first since there are numerous crimes which are ineligible for nondisclosure. New rules are in effect for crimes committed after 2015.

What is the difference between expungement and nondisclosure?

If you believe your arrest, or criminal record is holding you back, there are methods of preventing an employer or landlord from accessing this information. One way is through the expungement process, while the other is by using an order of nondisclosure. Before starting either process, you should hire an attorney who is familiar with Texas expunction law and court procedure.

Expungement (Expunction)

Expungement is a legal process which allows you to clear your criminal record. When a record is expunged, it is completely destroyed. This allows you to answer NO to any question about whether you have a criminal record.  Expungement is available to those who:

  • Were arrested without being charged
  • Were arrested and charged with certain alcohol-related charges
  • Completed deferred adjudication after a Class C Misdemeanor
  • Completed a pretrial diversion program
  • Faced criminal charges for which they were acquitted or found not guilty
  • Has an arrest record which was the result of an error or identity theft
  • Had their conviction pardoned by the Governor of Texas or the President of the United States

Texas does not allow for the expungement of criminal records which were the result of an arrest with a guilty conviction, an arrest that resulted in probation (except Class C Misdemeanors), or charges that are still within the statutes of limitations but have actually been dismissed. The statutes of limitations are different for various crimes, an expungement attorney can help you make that determination.

Contact a San Antonio Expungement Attorney 

If you try to have your records expunged on your own, you could wind up spending money for nothing. A Texas expunction lawyer can help you determine if you are eligible to have your record expunged before you spend money on the application processes. If you make an application, and it’s rejected, you are not entitled to reimbursement of the fees.

Record Sealing (Nondisclosure)

In Texas, record sealing is more commonly referred to as Order for Nondisclosure. For many, this is an easier alternative than applying for expungement. Primarily, record sealing allows for certain criminal records to be hidden during typical background check searches. However, the primary difference between expungement and record sealing is important: Law enforcement officers will still be able to access a record. This means future arrests, and charges can be impacted by your prior record.

Keep in mind, when a minor under the age of 17 is charged with a crime, there are specific rules that may allow their records to be sealed automatically. This is per Texas Family Code Section 58.003; an attorney with experience handling juvenile records sealing can provide you with guidance as to whether the record is eligible for sealing.

Understanding Societal Changes and Expungement 

Keep something in mind, because there is a renewed focus on the fact that a criminal record for minor charges can have a serious impact on an individual, his or her family, and their future, there are some instances where an expungement may be granted even if the statute of limitations has not been met. It is vitally important for you to meet with an lawyer who understands both non-disclosure and expungement rules in Texas. 

There are certain crimes which will automatically be excluded from record sealing or expunction which include child molestation, fleeing the scene of an accident, serious DUI’s resulting in death, and other charges. Regardless of the charges on your record, contact the Law Offices of Eric Ramos, a San Antonio, TX expungement attorney for help. We’ll review your case and help you take the first step towards a brighter future. 


Don’t let a criminal record jeopardize your future.

Having a criminal record can reduce your chance of getting a job offer by 50%.1  Expunging your record can help you get the job you deserve, the home you want to rent, or the education you seek. Find out if you’re eligible to have your record expunged by calling us our taking our free online eligibility test.

1. Binyamin Applebaum. Out of Trouble, but Criminal Records Keep Men Out of Work,, February 28, 2015.

Class C Misdemeanors and Deferred Adjudication

If you are uncertain what type of crime you were charged with, speak with a San Antonio expungement attorney. Generally, Class C misdemeanors are crimes which carry the lowest penalty and include charges of public intoxication, disorderly conduct, open alcohol container in vehicle, minor in possession of alcohol, simple assault, and theft of property valued at less than $50 to name a few. Crimes of possession of drug paraphernalia are also classified as Class C misdemeanors, but you should be aware these are considered drug charges. That could mean you are ineligible Federal Financial Aid through FAFSA because it is considered a drug crime.

Deferred disposition is a form of probation that Texas courts will often use in the case of Class C misdemeanors. In effect, you would plead nolo contendere to a crime, the court will defer the finding, and if you meet all the conditions of the disposition, then you will not have a criminal conviction on your record, only an arrest.

Why Have a Record Expunged?

One of the many challenges facing those who have a criminal record is filling out job applications, and applications for housing. In most cases, you will be asked if you have a criminal record. Prior to having your record expunged, you will have to say “yes” if asked about a criminal record. After expungement, you can legally say “no” because your record is completely eliminated.

While the process of having your record expunged may take some time, once it is complete, you may find you have fewer problems obtaining credit, finding housing, and finding a suitable job or winning a promotion. Many people find their criminal record holds them back during these processes and for some, finding a job or housing is the reason they apply for expungement.

How an Expungement Attorney Can Help

This process is complicated and mistakes can cost you a great deal of time. This is why it is imperative to work closely with an expungement attorney who understands the expungement process. Some of the steps you will have to take include obtaining fingerprints and a copy of your criminal record. Once that step has been completed, a Petition for Expunction and Order for Expunction must be obtained from the appropriate Court Clerk.

After all of the appropriate forms are filled out, the Texas Department of Public Safety, District Attorney (DA) responsible for prosecuting your case, the police department responsible for your arrest, and the district clerk are all notified of your request. If the DA objects, you (your lawyer) will be required to attend a hearing to present your side of the story. Otherwise, the original orders will be processed, and your records will be destroyed.

If you are considering filing a request to have your criminal record destroyed permanently, contact The Law Office of Eric Ramos for help. We understand the expungement process and can help ensure the proper forms are filed accurately and properly filed with the court so we can get your Bexar County criminal record expunged.

Waiting Periods for Expungement and Nondisclosure

In most cases, those who are interested in having a record expunged must wait until the statutes of limitations expires on the underlying charge. This typically means that a misdemeanor charge will result in a wait of two years, while a felony charge means a three-year wait.

The process of nondisclosure generally can start immediately after you have completed the probationary period assuming you have not been charged with another crime. There may be exceptions to this rule depending on the crime which your attorney can explain to you.

Both Expungement and Nondisclosure May be Denied

In some cases, the court may deny a request for expungement or record sealing. Denials may be the result of an error in court records, an error in the petition, when such action is determined to be against the interest of society or because the defendant has failed to pay a fine. Your attorney can review your case and help you determine the best way to proceed.

After Expungement or Nondisclosure Orders

Once a record has been expunged, it no longer exists. You can deny ever having been arrested, regardless of where the question comes from, including law enforcement. Anyone with an expungement can answer “no” on job applications, when asked by law enforcement, or on any type of a background check questionnaire. Since the record is destroyed, any criminal record cannot be used later if you are arrested again.

In the case of a nondisclosure order, law enforcement is prohibited from making your criminal record available on most background checks. There are exceptions, such as in the case of applying for a teacher’s license, or other state-required license. However, most employers and all landlords cannot get access to your arrest record. Should you be charged with a crime in the future however, law enforcement officers will have access to your sealed record.

If you are interested in learning more about orders of nondisclosure or expunction of a record in Texas, contact attorney Eric A. Ramos immediately. I can help you understand what the process is, how long the process will take and help you prepare the proper petitions.


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 Lsa 46’s Social Justice Day Provides A Sobering But Restorative Perspective On Poverty And Criminal Justice Issues In San Antonio  

At the Leadership San Antonio 46 Social Justice Day, San Antonio Poet Laureate Andrea “Vocab” Sanderson performed a dynamic poem accompanied by musician Jed Craddock.

Afterward, the team went to Frank M. Tejeda Jr. Juvenile Justice Center where they followed juvenile court cases. It was sad to note that juvenile cases involving guns were on the rise in recent years.

Another notable happening of the day was Brittney K Barnette, an author, and a criminal reform advocate sharing her story via video. Brittney’s legal efforts have freed numerous people serving federal death sentences for drug-related offenses, including seven inmates whose sentences were commuted by former President Barack Obama.

LSA 46 Social Justice Day was a powerful culmination of great things that can happen when people of various cultures and orientations join forces to fight vices and encourage social justice at the community level. 



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Eric Ramos Law, PLLC, a San Antonio personal injury attorney, offers aggressive representation with personal attention

Eric Ramos Law, PLLC handles cases involving serious personal injuries such as car, truck, motorcycle, and ATV accidents, work injuries, wrongful death, dog bites, slips, falls, etc. 

Eric Ramos Law, PLLC offers aggressive representation with personal attention by attorneys who understand the unique challenges that come with every case. The firm’s attorneys are known for their dedication and commitment to helping accident victims secure fair remuneration for medical bills, lost wages, and pain & suffering damages.

Over the years, we have built an excellent reputation in this community because of our dedication to our clients’ needs and concerns. Our attorneys have handled many cases just like yours and know what is required to achieve success in your case.

When you contact us, be sure we will work hard on your case so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries or loss. You will not have any paperwork or phone calls; we will handle them all for you so that all that matters is getting better.



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Civil Law Conference

The San Antonio Civil Law Conference is an annual event that brings together legal professionals, academics, and others who are interested in civil law. This year’s conference will feature speakers on topics including property law, contract law, tort law, criminal law, and family law.

This year’s topics and speakers are shaping up to be exciting and informative. We encourage you to sign up early to take advantage of all the benefits that come with early registration, including savings off the full price, free admission tickets for family members, and discounts at local restaurants and attractions in San Antonio.

We hope you enjoyed this year’s San Antonio Conference on Civil Law. This will be an excellent opportunity to connect with other attorneys, learn more about the legal system, and further your career. We look forward to seeing you again next year!


Location: Holiday Inn San Antonio Riverwalk, San Antonio, USA

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NetworkNite | Business Professionals in San Antonio | Speed Networking

Speed Networking works a lot like ‘Speed Dating’ without the ‘Dating’. A planned chance to interact personally with accomplished people who are similar to you on a business level. Our events provide the ideal setting to increase your business, social, or professional relationships, whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, legal, medical, financial, real estate, or entertainment professional.

We did away with whistles, bells, and other extravagant event embellishments, leaving the event without the normal elements of business networking events. We believe establishing business partnerships should be a pleasant, intelligent, and unhurried process. a chance to seize possibilities.


Location: Thai Topaz 2177 NW Military Hwy San Antonio, TX 78213 United States

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Legal Education Conference

The NAPPA Legal Education Conference is the premier educational event in the legal field. Comprised of members from across the country and from all areas of practice, this conference gives you an opportunity to learn from experts, network with colleagues, and make invaluable contacts, as well as participate in numerous CLE offerings. This year’s conference will take place in San Antonio, TX, on June 27-30.

This is a very important meeting where all new members will meet with more experienced members. This event provides an excellent opportunity to network and exchange ideas in an informal setting during the luncheon and reception sessions. All NAPPA members are invited to attend this meeting.


Location: San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter, 101 Bowie St, San Antonio, TX 78205

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At SALSA, we believe that equal access to justice is one of the basic tenets of our democracy. Our volunteer attorneys provide free civil legal services to low-income individuals, veterans and their families, foster children, and at-risk individuals who are under guardianship. Volunteer attorneys can make a difference in thousands of clients’ lives every year through our innovative programs.

The SALSA Coalition was founded by community leaders and advocates to address unmet legal needs in San Antonio and surrounding communities.  Our programs are designed to meet significant legal needs in San Antonio and surrounding communities that otherwise would go unaddressed.  SALSA volunteers provide free legal services across a variety of civil legal issue areas and multiple areas of substantive law.


Location: P.O. Box 12404  San Antonio, TX 78212  

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Call us at (210) 404-4878 or fill out the form at the top of the page for a FREE eligibility check.

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