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Most people recognize the big, brown trucks that operate on their streets each day, delivering packages to and from homes and businesses. UPS is a large trucking company, whether it is their smaller trucks for residential deliveries or their large 18-wheeler tractor-trailers. If you are looking for a lawyer for UPS trucking accidents, San Antonio, TX trucking accident lawyer Eric Rmoas is here to help you.

UPS Accidents Can Happen to Anyone

UPS is one of the largest (and considered the largest for-hire shipping company some years) in the U.S. The company has nearly 110,000 vehicles on today’s roadways, delivering millions of packages every single day. The drivers operate at a rate of 2.5 billion miles each year. And, at last count, there were over 90,000 drivers behind the wheels.

As such, a large truck company in the U.S., it is not hard to see why UPS trucking accidents happen so often. The company reported 4,816 crashes (of all types) occurring since 2012. Some of them have involved serious injuries and losses. While it is not uncommon for such accidents to occur, it is very important to know that if you suffer loss as a result of UPS truck drivers making mistakes, the company is responsible for paying for those losses.

Is UPS a Dangerous Trucking Company?

Most people recognize just how big UPS is. They also think highly of the company. UPS is well known in Texas as a team of friendly truck drivers, some of which you probably interact with very commonly. As more consumers make purchases online and more deliveries are coming to home doors, that means there are more vehicles on small streets, making dangerous turns, and interacting with passenger vehicles. All of this increases the risk that accidents will happen.

UPS may have some bad drivers. There are some that are lacking in proper training, too. The company has worked hard to onboard a significantly higher number of drivers as the number of online sales has soared. That may mean that some of those drivers are not getting the level of training they need or that they may not be getting the level of oversight that they need. In other cases, even the best drivers can be involved in an accident.

When a UPS trucking accident happens, the company may owe you compensation. Our truck accident attorney can help you to avoid the losses you’re suffering, though, by working with you to file a claim that is accurate and comprehensive.

Take a Look at Recent Settlements with UPS

UPS trucking accidents happen quite often. Remember, there are so many of these trucks running up and down city streets. Many of these accidents do not take place on the highway, though some can. Here is a look at some recent settlements against UPS truck drivers and the company themselves.

  • In 2019, A $27.7 million verdict was won for a case in Texas. In it, a UPS 18-wheeler slammed into a vehicle where two men were sitting as they were stopped in traffic. Both men had very severe damage to their spinal columns, requiring neck surgery. The wife of the driver filed a loss of consortium claim in the case as well.
  • In 2019, a settlement of $2.075 million was awarded in a New Jersey case in which a UPS driver parked (negligently) in a roadway. The vehicle was double-parked as the roadway contained just one lane going in each direction. Another driver crossed the oncoming traffic lane to navigate around the UPS truck and was hit head-on. The plaintiff suffered significant losses, including a head injury that left cognitive deficiencies and a personality change.
  • A 2015 case in Florida resulted in a $5 million verdict after a UPS truck made a left turn and crossed into the plaintiff’s lane. In this situation, the 28-year-old plaintiff had a closed head injury, damage to his spine, damage to his shoulder, and additional injuries resulting in neurological losses.

These are just some of the settlement cases surrounding UPS truck drivers in the last few years. There are many others both on highways as well as on city streets here in Texas. If you have been in an accident with a UPS truck, it is quite important that you work with a San Antonio personal injury lawyer who can help to prove your case and help you to get the compensation owed for your losses.

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