If you have hired a personal injury lawyer to represent you in a case, you may find yourself dissatisfied with their services at some point. Perhaps there are communication issues, you disagree with their strategy, or you simply lose confidence in their abilities. Whatever the reason, you may be wondering – can you fire your personal injury lawyer?

The short answer is yes, you generally can fire a personal injury lawyer that you hired. As the client, you have the right to terminate the attorney-client relationship if you are unhappy and choose to part ways. However, there are some important considerations to keep in mind.

Understanding the Attorney-Client Contract

When you hire a personal injury lawyer, you likely signed a contract or retainer agreement that outlines the specifics of your arrangement, including how the lawyer gets paid. This contract may have provisions about terminating representation. Review it carefully to understand your rights and obligations.

Many contingency fee agreements state that if you fire the lawyer before your case concludes, you may still owe them fees for the work performed up to that point, often based on hourly rates or a percentage of any settlement offers received.

Paying Outstanding Fees

Depending on the stage of your case and how your fee agreement is structured, you may need to pay any outstanding fees to your lawyer before they release your file and you can hire new representation. Lawyers are entitled to be paid for their work.

Getting Your Case File

Once any outstanding fees are settled, your lawyer is required to promptly return your entire case file to you, including records, documents, and evidence related to your claim. This allows your new lawyer to pick up where the previous one left off.

The Statute of Limitations

Personal injury cases have strict time limits, called the statute of limitations, for filing a lawsuit. If you decide to fire your lawyer, make sure you have enough time to find new representation and allow them to get up to speed before the deadline passes.

Finding a New Lawyer

If you do decide to change lawyers, act quickly to hire a new one you have confidence in. Get referrals and schedule consultations to discuss your case. An experienced San Antonio personal injury lawyer can evaluate whether your previous representation was adequate.

While firing your personal injury lawyer is possible, it comes with potential extra costs and delays. It’s advisable to first discuss any concerns with your current lawyer to see if issues can be resolved before terminating the relationship. But if you ultimately lose faith, you maintain the right to make a change.

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