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According to TXDOT, nearly 4,000 people are killed in Texas car crashes every year. Approximately 255,000 are injured, some of them so seriously, their lives will never be the same. This means that in Texas, one person is injured in a car wreck about every two minutes. Every two hours, someone is killed.

If you were injured in a McAllen car crash, you know the stress that comes with accumulating medical bills at the same time you are losing wages since you likely need time off of work to recover. Your injury may be so severe that you will need lifetime medical care, rehabilitation, job retraining, and incur other costs in the future.

Insurance companies are known for approaching those injured in a car accident at a time when they are most vulnerable and in need of money. The adjuster, who acts concerned, makes you a settlement offer. Beware. Almost always, this first offer is a low-ball one. Adjusters are employed by the insurance company and their goal is to save their employer money, not give it to you.

Adjusters know that at this time, when you are suffering and need money, you will be tempted to take the money no matter how low the offer might be. If you do, you will sign away your rights for any further compensation in the future no matter how serious your injury and no matter how much more you will suffer.

At Eric Ramos Law, we have compassion for your situation.  We focus exclusively on helping accident victims and their families recover the damages to which they are legally entitled. We have a track record of success in negotiating with adjusters. If we cannot convince them to treat you fairly, we will happily take them to court where we will zealously represent your interests at trial.

The insurance industry’s own statistics show that that those who are injured and represented by an attorney receive settlements 3.5 times higher than those who go it alone. Let McAllen personal injury lawyer Eric Ramos help you with your auto accident claim.


    Car Accident Attorneys Achieve Better Results


    Higher average settlement when represented by an attorney

    Employing an auto accident attorney could have a major impact on the compensation you recover. A study by the Insurance Research Council (IRC) reported that for specific accident-related injuries, the average insurance payouts were 3.5 times higher for individuals who hired an attorney.

    Remember that insurance companies don’t get rich by paying claims and that adjusters are highly trained to settle your case for as little as possible. If you are not represented, the insurance company may offer you far less than the value of your claim. An attorney can help determine the true value of your case, and when the insurance company adjuster knows your claim is being handled by a personal injury attorney, you are likely to receive a much higher settlement offer.

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    Car Accident Damages to Which You Are Legally Entitled

    At our law office, we know how to value your case and determine your damages based on your:

    • Ongoing medical expenses.
    • Projected future medical expenses.
    • Lost wages.
    • Lost future earning capacity.
    • Rehabilitation.
    • Job retraining.
    • Ongoing medical care.
    • Future long-term nursing costs.
    • Pain and suffering.

    Each case is determined according to the specific injury and loss suffered by each individual client.

    Common Causes of Car Crashes in McAllen, TX

    Some of the most common causes of car crashes we see include:

    • Drunk driving. Even if the state takes criminal action against the driver, you must file a civil claim in order to receive compensation for your injuries.
    • Distracted driving. This includes, for example, adjusting the radio, grooming, texting, talking on the phone, eating, looking at the GPS, anything that takes a driver’s mind off of driving, their hands off of the wheel, or their your eyes off of the road is distracted driving.
    • Drowsy driving. Driving while being fatigued and drowsy has been found to be as dangerous as driving while intoxicated.
    • Speeding. Nearly one-third of all fatal accidents and thousands of injuries are due to a speeding driver.
    • Reckless driving. This includes weaving through traffic, tailgating, merging carelessly into traffic, racing to beat the yellow light.
    • Other negligent causes, such as a roadway in disrepair, tree branches blocking visibility, and a driver failing to yield the right-of-way  are just a few examples.  

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