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As a fast-growing city, Midland is the type of community that people love living in, that is, until they have to manage the roadways. It’s a smaller community compared to others nearby, but it is home to over 142,000 people. With that comes numerous risks for vehicle accidents, including those with commercial trucks, 18-wheelers, delivery trucks, and much more. If you’ve been in an accident like this, hiring our Midland truck wreck law firm is the right first step for you to take. Doing so can help to protect your rights and safeguard your future.

A Midland Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

Because of the location, Midland truck crashes happen quite often. Many of these are along I-20, the largest and fastest highway in the area. Yet, they can happen along State Highway 140, 158, 191, or numerous others. On these roads, there’s a key risk every time you get in your car. You have to trust that the truck drivers using our roadways are doing their part to keep you safe. Whether it’s the oil companies or construction companies bringing large trucks onto the roads, you need to be kept safe.

Yet, every year, there are hundreds of people who die or are injured in the area as a result of trucking accidents. In 2018, for example, there were 565 crashes with commercial vehicles on roadways in Midland County, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. That year, 16 people died in our county alone from these crashes. They involved trucks of all sizes and for many reasons.

Have You Been Injured in a Truck Accident in Midland?

Maybe you were driving home from Downtown Midland after a long day at school or work. A semi truck swerved in front of you, pushing you off the road. Or, you could be one of the many people traveling down I-20 and facing a truck driver that’s lost control. No matter what has happened, if you are facing loss due to the actions of a truck driver, our law firm wants to help you.

We’re on a mission to help the men and women struggling as a result of truck wreck. We work closely with you to help you overcome the losses and get the compensation owed to you. We’ve seen so many people struggle as a result of the losses they’ve had after such accidents. That’s why our Midland truck crash law firm is dedicated to representing you. We want to ensure that the number of truck accidents falls in our state.

Don’t Talk to the Insurance Company Just Yet

After a trucking accident, the truck driver’s company will contact their insurer to handle any claims. During this process, the ideal situation is that you can report to the insurer what you’ve lost, they verify it, and then they pay you that amount. The problem is – this rarely happens. These trucking companies – worth multi-millions of dollars – will work with insurance companies who have high-powered attorneys and endless resources. Their goal is to minimize the amount of money they have to pay out for your losses.

Insurance companies are not working for you, no matter what they say. They are working for the trucking companies. For that reason, you should not speak to them or agree to their terms the first time out. You have plenty of time after an accident to settle your case. There should never be any pressure on you for filing this type of claim in a month or so, depending on when the incident happened.

Gather All of Your Losses First

After a trucking accident like this, the smartest thing you can do is to ensure you have documented the incident and received all of the medical care you need. After gathering this information, you can then ensure you are getting the fair compensation owed to you.

Our semi-truck accident lawyers in Midland will work very closely with you to determine what all of your losses are. This changes in every accident. Don’t agree to anything the insurance company says is “common” or a “standard claim.” Instead, you want to calculate everything you’ve lost. That may include:

  • Your vehicle’s damage, including replacement needs
  • Your medical bills from emergency rooms and life flights
  • Medical costs from your doctor and hospital
  • Diagnostic screenings and ongoing lab work that needs to be done
  • Specialist bills
  • Rehabilitation stays or appointments
  • Therapy for the experience, especially if it was traumatic
  • Pain and suffering losses
  • Time you’ve lost at work
  • Inability to function as you used to

There are many other types of losses you may have sustained, all as a result of the actions of the truck driver behind the wheel. Your life is turned upside down. You’re unsure if you can work, when you will get back to work, and if you will lose your health insurance. If you’re in this position, we want to help you. Contact our 18 wheeler accident law firm in Midland for immediate help.

Dealing With Fatal Texas Trucking Accidents

We hear stories of men and women who were simply on their way home who were struck and killed by a truck driver who wasn’t paying attention. In other cases, the driver died as well. In these situations, there is no amount of money or heartache that will make things better. Yet, you can take action to ensure that trucking companies that are responsible for these losses are never given another chance to do this to someone else.

In a fatal accident, it is very important to work with an experienced Midland semi-truck accident attorney. The experience this attorney has will make a significant difference in your ability to recover financially from the loss of your loved one. Because the process of obtaining compensation is more complex and requires more negotiations, it is best to work with an attorney who can guide you through this process.

Our team will do that for you. Let us represent you as you fight for your loved one’s rights.

What Happens When You Use a Midland Truck Accident Law Firm?

Our trusted team of professionals has ample experience in big rig and semi-truck accidents occurring across Texas. We are here to help you with the entire process. Take a look at some of the services we can offer to you.

Determining How Much You Are Owed

As noted, the losses you’ve incurred are likely to be significant, but they do change from one accident to the next. Our team will work with you to determine what these are. This includes estimating long-term losses such as loss of function of your body, the inability to work, and loss of life.

Proving Your Case

Our Midland 18-wheel accident attorneys will also work to prove your case. We do this by gathering all the information available to prove what occurred. This may include obtaining expert witness statements, gathering information from medical documents, and using on-the-scene data to prove what occurred. We’re aggressive in proving your losses.

Managing Insurance Settlements

Because we know the law and have a strong reputation, truck insurance companies will work with our team to negotiate a settlement that is fair to you. Our team ensures that we get the most compensation possible in your case, based on the evidence, your losses, and state law. We’ll ensure you don’t have to work directly with the insurance companies who hope to negotiate your settlement lower.

Take Them to Court

There are times when truck insurance companies may not wish to settle the claim or may not agree to what’s fair. If you decide to do so, our legal team will work by your side in a court of law to prove your case. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your voice is heard in these types of matters.

When you work with an attorney, you have a professional on your side who knows the process, but also knows how to prove your case. Because we are passionate about helping to reduce the number of truck accidents occurring in the state, we’re going to be aggressive in representing you in these matters.

How Can You Get Started – Call Our Midland Truck Accident Law Firm Today

If you’re in Midland, our truck accident attorneys are available to discuss your case. If you’ve been hit by a tractor-trailer or any other type of commercial vehicle, our team will work with you. Come in for a free, no-obligation consultation. We can review your case, gather information, and then make a decision about whether to move forward.

Once you are able to move your case forward, our legal team will go to work to ensure your rights are protected. As a truck accident law team, you can trust that your best opportunity to receive the compensation owed to you is always possible.

There’s no cost to come in to speak to our attorneys about your truck accident. Don’t wait to do so. Avoid speaking to the insurance company, and instead, let us do the work for you.

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