New data presented by the Texas Department of Transportation shows that not only was there one car crash in Texas every 56 seconds in 2019, but that one life was lost approximately every two hours as a result of Texas traffic accidents. This data is even more eye opening, given that car accidents and fatalities nationwide and across Texas have increased dramatically during the pandemic, implying that these statistics are likely even higher for 2020.

Data shows that despite a decrease in drivers nationwide, and a decrease in the average amount of miles driven nationwide, speeding, car accidents, and traffic-related fatalities are all increasing. Police and other experts largely blame emptier roads for higher incidences of speeding and reckless driving, which often result in these collisions, particularly when inclement weather is involved, making it easy for a driver traveling at a high speed to quickly and easily lose control of the vehicle. The employment instability and financial stress caused by the pandemic has also led to increased substance abuse, which is reflected in a heightened number of D.W.I. charges and accidents caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The sheer overwhelming demands placed on many individuals by the pandemic have also contributed to increased instances of distracted and fatigued driving.  

The Deadliest Roads in Texas 

Experts agree that the deadliest roads in San Antonio, Texas are those most heavily traveled. The most dangerous roads for driving in San Antonio are said to be route 410 at 35, I-35, and, last but not least, the 1604 corridor. 

The statistics, collected by crash reports from the San Antonio Police Department, reflect that in 2019 there were 122 accidents just on the small stretch of I-35, between Fourwinds Drive and Starlight Terrace. Additionally, there were 670 collisions just on the east side of the 1604 corridor, between US-281 and Lookout Road. On the opposing side of the 1604 corridor, there were an additional 476 collisions between Babcock Road and Lockhill-Selma. 

The Cause of the Crashes 

Experts say that it does not necessarily appear to be the design of the roadways that is responsible for the high accident rates, but rather, the high volume of drivers each day. However, experts advocate for expanded roadways more suited to the high volume of drivers, and the Texas Department of Transportation (tDOT) has stated that such plans are already in motion. The “failure to control speed” is cited as the most common reason for collisions. Ultimately, driver error, including a failure to control speed, is responsible for the vast majority of collisions. Other common driver errors responsible for crashes include distracted driving and errors switching lanes (such as not checking to ensure the other lane is clear, not checking a blindspot, or forgetting to signal). 

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