Rear-End Collisions

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Rear-end accidents are the most common type of auto accident in San Antonio and nationwide. Although most of the accidents occur at low speeds, some rear-end collisions can be incredibly dangerous. Most wrecks are caused by distracted drivers, drivers who speed, tailgate, or a combination thereof.

Whatever the cause or severity of your accident is, our firm may be able to assist. San Antonio car accident attorney Eric Ramos will thoroughly investigate your accident and fight to recover the maximum compensation you are entitled to. This may mean sending a subpoena (a formal legal request) for the cell phone records of the other driver, and if necessary, filing a lawsuit. The purpose of this is to find out if the other driver was using their phone or was otherwise distracted. While this isn’t absolutely necessary to make a rear-end collision case, it can definitely help in showing that the other driver was distracted and is likely at-fault.

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Injuries Caused by Rear-End Accidents

The most common injury in this type of collision is whiplash. Whiplash is caused when the back of the car is hit and the neck is strained by moving beyond its normal range of motion. Whiplash can result in soreness and loss of movement that can last for weeks or even months. Whiplash injuries that do not heal within weeks may be a sign of greater damage to the neck, back or spine.

Neck, back, and spine injuries are also commonly seen in rear-end collisions. These accidents can even result in catastrophic injuries such as fractured vertebrae, slipped discs, compressed discs, spinal cord damage, paraplegia, and quadriplegia.

After the initial impact, many people suffer both open and closed head injuries such as lacerations, fractures skulls, bleeding of the brain, and long-term injuries such as traumatic brain injury. In some unfortunate cases, victims have brushed off their head injury as a minor headache or soreness, only for their loved ones to find out that the impact caused a fatal aneurysm. That’s why it’s important to seek immediate medical attention for any head injury suffered in an auto accident.

Proving Fault in Rear-End Auto Accidents

There is a common belief that if someone hits your car from behind, they will automatically be held at fault. Though fault is typically placed on the person who hit you from behind, these cases aren’t always that cut and dry. Other factors can contribute to rear-end collisions such as road conditions, broken taillights, poor visibility, faulty brakes, improperly maintained vehicles, and multi-car collisions. If you have been involved in a rear-end crash, we may be able to help. We will take the time to thoroughly investigate your accident, determine fault, and get you the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

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