In a baffling and tragic occurrence, a driver is said to have intentionally hit a group of spring breakers in downtown San Antonio earlier this week. Police stated that the attack seemed to have been both random and intentional, and other witnesses and individuals involved are describing it as a “random attack” that “also seemed deliberate.” It was clear to everyone that the driver intended to hit the group, going out of their way toward the group at a high speed. 

The victims, in town for spring break, said that they were walking across North St. Mary’s Street at West Travis in the downtown area of San Antonio when they saw a white sedan run through a red light and then intentionally swerve and drive toward them at a high speed. The sedan hit one man in the group, causing him serious injuries, and narrowly avoided hitting another man in the group, before speeding off. 

A bike patrol officer nearby confirmed that he saw the car the individuals described driving recklessly in the area following the attack. Unfortunately, however, the police have not yet been able to locate the driver of the white sedan. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the police as the investigation remains open and ongoing. The man who was struck by the vehicle remains hospitalized in critical condition. 

Legal Options for Injured Pedestrians 

If you are a pedestrian who has been injured by a vehicle, you have legal options. Pedestrians are incredibly vulnerable to injury and death from collisions with vehicles as there is really no contest between a 5,000-80,000 pound vehicle and a human weighing around 200 pounds. For this reason, it is critical that vehicle drivers exercise a reasonable standard of care when driving, particularly in areas with pedestrians. When drivers fail to meet this standard of care–for instance, by driving distracted, fatigued, or under the influence–they can be held accountable legally. 

While criminal law aims to penalize and rehabilitate the offender, civil law aims to help restore the victim. It is important to understand that these two aims support each other. You can fully pursue charges against someone who hit you while also bringing a personal injury lawsuit to recover for financial damages. There may be additional parties to recover from, as well, if they contributed to the accident. For example, if a trucking company pushed their driver to skip breaks in order to meet a tight deadline, this likely contributed to the driver’s fatigue, and the company can also be held liable. Similarly, if a malfunction caused the accident, the manufacturer of the vehicle and component may also be held liable. 

The Benefits of a Personal Injury Lawsuit 

A successful personal injury lawsuit aims to restore the victim to the financial position they would have been in had they never been injured. This includes compensation for all medical expenses (past and anticipated future), lost wages and lost earning potential, and more. Notably, compensation is also available for non-tangible injuries like pain, suffering, and emotional distress. In a situation like the one above, where an individual intentionally or maliciously caused harm, it creates grounds for punitive damages, for which there is no limit in the state. 

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