Last week, temperatures across Texas plunged, causing a sharp increase in energy usage that shut down the state’s power grid. More than 30 deaths have now been attributed to the cold crisis and resulting power outage, including a grandmother and three children who died in a house fire in Houston while trying to stay warm. President Biden has now issued a major disaster declaration, providing federal funding to help with the relief effort in 77 of Texas’ 254 counties. 

While the majority of the state now has its electricity back, 30% of residents were still without power as of Sunday afternoon. Additionally, some residents are now facing electricity bills in the tens of thousands of dollars for just a few short days of service. 

Governor Abbott stated this week that the skyrocketing cost of electricity is the Texas state legislature’s “top priority,” noting that Texas is the “energy state,” meaning that it is important to ensure that energy is accessible and affordable to all. The staggeringly high cost of some individual’s bills has led them to file a class action lawsuit against Griddy, the wholesale electricity provider, alleging illegal price gouging. Meanwhile the owner of Comstock Resources, Inc. caused outrage among Texans earlier this week when he reportedly acted “giddy” on a conference call, describing the massive and deadly energy crisis as “hitting the jackpot.” 

Additional Crises 

In addition to the devastatingly high cost of electricity for many residents, Texas is also facing serious shortages of food and water. Governor Abbout announced Sunday that trucking regulations would be suspended immediately in order to get more food and water transported into Texas and onto store shelves. 

Restorative Measures 

In addition to suspending trucking regulations, Governor Abbot also suspended all regulations on commercial kitchens so that they can prepare food provided they remain in compliance with state guidelines. Governor Abbot requested a USDA disaster declaration to help distribute MREs (Meals-Ready-to-Eat) to Texas residents, and is bringing in plumbers to help locals whose pipes have burst. He is urging anyone with the means who has burst pipes, to call a plumber and your insurance company as quickly as possible. 

In good news, notices requiring Texans to boil their water (due to contaminants) have been lifted for approximately 5 million Texans. Previously, 14.9 million Texans were under mandatory boil-water notices due to a lack of access to clean water. Now most of Houston and most of San Antonio have access to clean water again without having to boil it. 

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