A man is dead, two adults are injured, and a toddler is fighting for her life in a local hospital after a tragic car accident on the Southeast Side of San Antonio earlier this week. According to reports, around 5:30 p.m. an 80-year-old man was crossing Rigsby near Comanche Park on foot, when a silver car with four people inside hit him before crashing and bursting into flames. The 80-year-old man died at the scene. When police arrived, three of the four individuals in the silver car were injured, including a two-year-old girl who had not been wearing a seatbelt at the time of the collision. Officers stated that the toddler was found outside of the vehicle, and they are exploring the possibility that someone stopped at the scene to help and removed her from the burning vehicle before leaving. Police are seeking information on this individual, and are continuing to investigate the crash. They have not yet released any information on what may have caused or contributed to the initial collision with the pedestrian, and the name of the victim has not yet been released. 

The Importance of Car Seats and Child Restraints 

When they are used correctly, car seats are extremely effective in saving lives. The CDC reports that when used, car seats reduce the risk of injury for children involved in a crash by 71-82% compared to just using a seat belt. The use of a booster seat reduced the risk of injury for children by 45%. For older children and adults, using a seat belt reduces the risk of injury in a collision by 50%. 

Police emphasize the importance of using the appropriate kind of car seat for your child’s weight, size, and age. An officer commenting on this case explained that if you put a child in a regular car seat who is actually meant to be in a child-restraint seat or booster seat, the high impact of a collision can result in the seat belt causing serious internal injuries to the child. 

Often, it is not enough to simply use a car seat and hope for the best. In order to ensure that your child is safe in the event of a collision, it is critical to make sure that the car seat is installed properly, and that it is the correct kind and size for your child.

Risk Factors Associated With Car Seats 

When it comes to car seats, one of the biggest problems is not using them. Parents who do not consistently use seat belts are statistically also unlikely to use car seats for their children. In fact, 40% of children riding with drivers who were not wearing seat belts, also were not restrained by car seats or seat belts. Additionally, car seats must be accurately installed, which is easier said than done. The CDC estimates that a whopping 59% of car seats and 20% of booster seats (46% of child restraint systems overall) are misused in a way that is likely to reduce or prevent their effectiveness. 

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