Seeking Medical Care and Why It Matters

After an accident, it is imperative you seek immediate medical attention. Once you have filed an accident report with the police or your employer, you should be seen either by your own physician or in an emergency room. This applies even when the accident was relatively minor and you feel fine. You might be surprised to learn that soft tissue injuries often do not start causing problems until days after an accident.

Auto Accidents and Medical Care

Generally speaking, if you’re injured in an auto accident or hurt at work, your injuries are likely to be serious. “Minor” fender benders when both vehicles are traveling slowly may result in minor tissue damage such as whiplash, sprains, and muscle tears. These types of injuries are often masked due to the surge of adrenaline immediately following an accident. When you seek medical care and tell the attending physician you were involved in an auto accident, they will likely take x-rays and other tests to determine if you have an injury that simply cannot be seen with the eye. However, x-rays do not show more serious (and very common) injuries like spinal cord injuries or concussions.

Injuries Can Get Worse with Time

Accident victims often report the onset of headaches, back pain and neck pain days after an accident. Those who decided against seeking medical attention immediately after an accident may be unable to show there was a correlation between their symptoms and the accident. This information will be important if you later decide that your injuries were serious enough to warrant holding another driver or company responsible for your medical bills, lost wages and any other costs associated with treating your injuries.


Long-Term Hazards

Accident victims should be aware of the potential long-term problems associated with failing to seek immediate medical attention. You could be facing:

  • Long-term chronic pain associated with a hidden injury
  • Longer time to recover from an injury resulting in more time lost from work
  • Additional complications or injuries associated with the initial accident
  • Facing invasive treatments or higher medical bills

These are just a few of the additional problems you may face if you fail to get immediate medical attention. In addition, you could be hurting your chances of recovering financial damages because the insurance company will attempt to show that your injuries were not the result of the accident since you failed to seek medical attention.

After you have been seen by a doctor, it is important to track your health after an accident. Keep a log; if you develop any additional physical problem associated with the accident it’s important to document them. Severe symptoms should always be reported to a healthcare professional to ensure you do not suffer any long-term problems due to the accident.

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