Police are investigating an unexpected incident that took place on San Antonio’s Northwest Side earlier this week, when a pick-up truck violently plowed into an apartment on Callahan Road by Interstate 110. Police stated that a woman inside the apartment was hit by the truck almost immediately, and pinned to the wall of her kitchen. Firefighters responded to the scene and reportedly were able to rescue the woman quickly. The victim was then transported to a hospital for treatment. Miraculously, her injuries are said to be non-life-threatening. 

Police stated that the truck’s driver also suffered non-life-threatening injuries. According to the truck driver, he accidentally put his foot on the accelerator instead of the breaks in a nearby parking lot. The driver stated that he went completely airborne, before crashing into the victim’s apartment. Police stated that they are investigating whether alcohol was a factor in the crash, but have not yet made a determination. 

A Growing Problem in San Antonio 

Shockingly, this is the third in a string of San Antonio accidents in recent weeks that involve a truck or car crashing into a store or private residence. However, this is the first one to result in injury for the occupant of the residence. For many San Antonio residents, the idea that a truck could crash through their walls at any moment is horrifying. If you have been injured by the negligence of another driver, you have the legal right to pursue compensation for your losses.  

How a Lawyer Can Help 

These kinds of accidents, while less common than other kinds of vehicle collisions, are uniquely catastrophic. In addition to the very high cost of property damage, they also tend to make the home or business uninhabitable or unusable, which can translate to displacing a family or temporarily shutting down a business. Few families are equipped to deal with the financial fallout of an unexpected accident like this. It can hit uninsured renters particularly hard, as their landlord likely has insurance for the building, but the tenants will have no recourse for their valuables, or claim-based assistance to afford a sudden move, security deposit, and new housing. 

For this reason, many affected individuals choose to bring a personal injury lawsuit. This allows them to recover financially from the accident. While the criminal justice system is designed to penalize and rehabilitate the offender, it is in no way equipped to restore or help the victim. The aim of a civil lawsuit is to put the victim back in the position they would have been in financially had the accident never occurred. A successful lawsuit can cover the cost of medical treatment (past and future) as well as all expenses related to the accident, lost wages, lost earning potential, and compensation for non-tangible damages, like pain and suffering. 

Schedule a Consultation 

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